Best Hotels Melbourne

Crown Towers Hotel

Crown Towers is one of the best hotels in Melbourne. Some of the features that this hotel can offer are high-speed Internet, business meeting facilities, gymnasium, casino, jacuzzi and spa. There are many more luxuries that this hotel can offer. If you want to be pampered with the best services, then this luxury hotel is best for you. You can also get some of the best views in this hotel like the bay and the river. You can also indulge in the Six Crown Towers Exclusive Restaurants. This hotel also has its own bowling alley. So grab one of your credit cards and book this hotel now!

Chateau Yering

If you are tired of the busy life in the city, you can escape it by staying in the Chateau Yering surrounded by trees and nature. This is a luxury hotel and a Victorian mansion located in the Pristine Yarra Valley. It has an award-winning garden, some of the best suite, tennis court, vineyard, world-class restaurants, fireplaces and cozy lounges and a lawn court. This is the main reason why it is best to relax in this hotel and these are also the reasons why this luxury hotel is one of the best hotels in Melbourne.

The Windsor

The Windsor is the only 19th century Grand Hotel that is left standing in Melbourne. This hotel has a renaissance revival architecture that you must not miss to see. It also has a twin mansard roofed towers. This is one of the most famous landmarks and one of the best hotels in Melbourne. You will definitely be transported back into time as you stay in this luxury hotel. This hotel is located just in front of the Parliament building. This is also very close to the restaurants and the shops downtown. This hotel has also won a lot of national and international awards for their class, design and hospitality. This is a proof that this hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in Melbourne. So book your flight to Melbourne, take a taxi to CBD and enjoy The Windsor hotel!

Park Hyatt

Park Hyatt is a classic luxury hotel for the elder people because of the different, bold and artsy style that it has. This can offer the best modern architecture and the best hospitality to their customers. This also has the best European restaurant, indoor pool, health center, and it has a lot of art work from some of the most famous artists in Melbourne. You can look at some of these art works online. This will trully make you understand the saying “ a picture paints a thousand words.”

Sofitel Melbourne

If you are the type of person who likes to see beautiful views, sitting on a balcony, drinking coffee with the one you love, then the Sofitel Melbourne is the best place for you. This is one of the best luxury hotel in Melbourne. It has galleries, boutiques, cafes, and many more.